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Finger Food for Sixty, with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, of course

Two good friends were so enthusiastic about my new book that they offered to host a party. We set a date, sent out invitations, selected recipes, and divided up the cooking tasks. Although some of the dishes were made ahead, others, such as Lamb and Bulgur Wheat Meatballs and Chateaubriand with Muhammara Sauce, were cooked just before serving. The food came out in waves, arranged on trays and offered by party volunteers as they made their way through our friends’ Victorian flat. Wanting to showcase as many California extra-virgin olive oils as possible, I chose a different one for each dish. I’m sharing the menu, including olive oil pairings, as an inspiration for your next big party. Page references are to the recipes in The New American Olive Oil.


Celebrating The New American Olive Oil

July 18, 2009


Savory Loaf with Sheep Cheese and Olives

Page 61

Apollo Mistral


Deviled Eggs with Curry Mayonnaise

Page 85

Katz Chef’s Pick


Smoked Fish Spread on Endive

Page 62

California Olive Ranch Arbequina



Lamb and Bulgur Wheat Meatballs

Page 183

The Olive Press Mission


Gulf Shrimp with Romesco Sauce

Page 88

Terra Sávia Classic Tuscan



Pork Rillettes with Green Peppercorns

Page 56




Asparagus with Basil Pesto

Page 75

Bozzano Toscana


Chateaubriand with Muhammara Sauce

Page 87

Yolo Press Taggiasca



Walnut-Rosemary Biscotti

Page 198

Figueroa Tuscan



Truffles with Blood Orange Olive Oil

Page 208

The Olive Press Blood Orange


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